Scheduled Maintenance

21st Draft Systems philosophy and mission is always aligned with keeping our customers beverage systems at peak performance so that our customers can maximize profits and guest satisfaction. To help us achieve this goal, we offer a comprehensive Scheduled Maintenance Program designed to identify problems before they costs you major dollars.

We will perform the following inspection and review of your system on a regular schedule as determined by you at each one of your establishments:

  • Check for proper temperatures of Coolers, Glycol and Dispensed Beer.
  • Check proper operations of Chillers, inspecting Glycol concentrations, adding glycol as needed at no charge.
  • Inspect Trunk lines, Beer lines, Chases, Regulators, Faucets, FOBs and Mixers for condition, proper pressures and blends.
  • Inspect CO2 detectors if present
  • Inspect and clean condensers
  • Check for leaks and condensation build up
  • Inspect and lubricate continuous duty motors in system
  • Offer suggestion to ensure greater functioning life of equipment and system

Contact us today for a free consultation of your current draft beer system. Our experience ranges from complete demolition and new installation to fine-tuning existing systems. Call now to get moving in the direction that is right for your business.

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